The natural attraction to film

what attracts us to film is it the feeling of being in another world being able to set ourselves apart from real life or is it the yearning to learn how its done was that a green screen or not was that a real place or a miniature set all things you try to decipher and learn to recreate?

If you are like me it’s a little bit of both sometimes more of one than the other depending on the day and your mood ? these are both great reasons and honestly id say encompasses 90% of the earth the other 10% well they don’t like movies or TV no idea why though. if you are a film student or even  have a career in film Im sure you understand how it is to analyze all the movies and either go oooo that was cool or ugh that was bad!

I think we as film workers from lighting to directing our goal is to make a movie that transports regulars to a new place and other”filmys”to never have anything negative to say at least that’s my goal.

and cut that’s a wrap

Joshua Springs

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